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How long are BURN Workouts?

BURN workouts have a variety of durations: 
• Signature BURN - About 45 minutes
• Mini Melts - about 30 minutes
• CORE/Targeted - Range from 5 -15 minutes in length
• Beginner BURN - About 15 minutes
• Stretch -  Range from 8 -12 minutes

What equipment do I need for BURN workouts?

The beauty of these workouts is that they require minimal equipment and can be done with just your body weight and a little space. At the beginning of every workout Mandy will let you know the equipment she will be using in that particular workout. Most are built around a resistance band, a set of dumbbells and sliders (paper plates are a popular swap!)

How do I know if I am fit enough for this kind of workout?

BURN is built for every fitness level and every kind of body. Yes it is a challenging workout but there are modifications and progressions throughout the entire sweat so you can choose to move the way you feel comfortable with. There is no judgment & no scorecard. It is designed to strengthen as well as inspire everyone.

How can I sign up for classes?

Click the "Sign Up" button in the upper right corner, or this link: https://mandydimarzo.com/signup, then click the gold "Sign Up" button under the Membership Tier you'd like to select, and you'll be taken through the sign up process.

If you are signing up for a level other than the Daily Pass, don't forget to enter the code "7DAYFREE" to activate your free 7 day trial!

How do I know which Membership Level is best for me?

Every level (except for the Daily Pass) has a 7 day free trial option (enter code "7DAYFREE" when you check out). If you aren't sure where to begin, we recommend starting out with "Mini BURN" level because that will let you access all of the different workout types that Mandy offers. Then you can spend those first 7 days trying each class type to figure out which classes you'd like to have access to moving forward. 

You can change your membership tier at any time, just remember that certain workout types are not accessible at every Membership Level.

How do I change Membership Tiers?

Sign into the website and click on the circular white and gray person icon to open the account menu, then click "My Account."


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