“I believe we have the power to grow through what we go through, and whenever we are faced with a choice, the best choice is growth.”

Meet Mandy

Mandy DiMarzo is an athletic powerhouse from New York. She’s been a passionate athlete her whole life. As a former division one soccer player who later transitioned into distance running and triathlons to keep her competitive juices flowing, she knows a thing or two about pushing the body’s limits.

After enduring countless overuse injuries, as well as overcoming an eating disorder, Mandy made a conscious decision to stop striving for the unattainable and unhealthy, and instead shifted her focus to embracing her body and inner strength by giving both the love and nourishment they deserved.

The Creation of BURN

Her extensive athletic background propelled her to create BURN, a challenging 45-minute HIIT-style workout that strengthens, sculpts, and leans out your entire body. She wanted to create an efficient, challenging, exhausting full-body workout that condensed as many of her favorite workout movements as possible into one. She structured BURN so that she would continue to challenge her entire body without hitting any lull or plateau.

In BURN, her main goals were to continually strengthen and lean out her muscles, include spurts of cardio throughout to hold an elevated working heart rate, and focus on invaluable core work. These all work in conjunction to maintain a strong physique while also avoiding boredom and prevention of injury from overuse doing the same continuous motion that most workouts tend to do.

Sharing BURN with the World

Mandy practiced the method and soon was approached by others to learn her secret. Almost equal to her athletic pursuits, Mandy finds enormous satisfaction and joy in coaching and teaching. What started out as her personal journey to make her the strongest version of herself, quickly transitioned into being a role model for others.


Creator of BURN Method


Ambassador for Lululemon

Laird Superfood

Ambassador for Laird Hamilton Superfood


Qualifier of world championships in 70.3 Ironman


4-year Division One soccer player-starter & captain


Competitive marathon runner-winning full marathon and half marathon races nationwide.

Mandy's Message

Mandy embraced STRONG is beautiful, and that muscles are powerful and pretty. And that to be the best version of yourself doesn’t involve deprivation, but abundance; abundance of nourishment, abundance of hard work, abundance of self-love. Mandy’s journey naturally continues with a mission and passion to be a positive influencer and promote health and wellness. She connects and empowers others to step into their STRONG.

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