"I partner with a select few companies that I believe in, with products I actually use."
Mandy is happy to recommend her favorite products to members of the BURN tribe. Each brand is carefully selected by Mandy and includes products that she actually uses and believes in.

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Mandy is excited to partner with the groundbreaking Gravity Sportswear company OMORPHO. You may see her wearing some of their cool gear during workouts and be wondering "What is that about?!" Their sportswear is built on the science of MicroLoad, which is loading your body with small amounts of distributed weight to help you build strength, power and endurance. Basically, OMORPHO gear helps you burn more calories, boost your cardio and increase the challenge to your muscles, helping you get more from your workout in the same amount of time.

Visit the BURN Shop to see more about the individual pieces, and read Mandy’s reviews of the gear, or you can see the full details at The BEST part is that you'll get 10% off your order just for being a member of Mandy's BURN community. Use the code MDMVIP at checkout to take advantage of your VIP BURN status.

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Carbon 38

I am asked all the time where I get the clothes I’m teaching in, working out in winning my daily sweat in. It’s almost entirely from carbon38. I love working out in clothes that not only perform with me and hold up in my sweaty pursuits, but also allow me to feel strong, sexy, and fierce.

Carbon38 curates the most fashion-forward high-performance sportswear labels from over 150 designers across the globe. They also produce their own in house line of sportswear designed for everyday life, focusing on emerging trends and the combination of performance fabrics and fashionable silhouettes.

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Lululemon has been part of my sweat life for over two years. What started out as a relationship built on working out, has transcended into so many other aspects of my life. It’s a brand that focuses on personal growth and development and invests in their community.

Mandy enjoyed over 5 years as an ambassador for lululemon and is now a lifetime legacy ambassador. She continues to help the brand design and wear their high performance gear as well as connect communities through sweat.



What better partnership than one built around a passion for helping everyone embark on their wellness journey. Gaiam/SPRI & BURN are all brands built for everyone-it's not exclusive but inclusive-making health, wellness, and vitality within reach. This relationship began during the height of the pandemic when the need to workout at home became an essential. The collaboration with both these brands helped accentuate our narrative that you do not need a lot of fancy equipment to get a good workout in. All people at all fitness levels have the right to a healthy & strong lifestyle. I am so excited where we take this next iteration of this partnership.

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My Nutritional choices are another area of interest for my students. What do I eat, when do I eat it and why do I eat it are questions I get a lot. After over 20+ years of being a competitive athlete, I have a vested interest in how I nourish my body and how it improves my performance. I believe in balance, not restriction, that food should be enjoyed, and not deprived. And I believe in order to achieve your goals you must fuel your body and be committed to give it what it needs. Laird superfood is a company who creates products that are clean efficient and effective. It’s a brand that I have consistently incorporated into my daily meal plan.


Laird Superfood products were created by the surfing icon Laird Hamilton who wanted to share some of the special whole food ingredients that he’s discovered over the years. He started the company from scratch and is committed to the consistency and quality of the products produced. Laird believes that the foods you eat should be as good for the earth as they are for you and that food should enable you to perform at the highest level, no matter what you're doing.

My go to is the Unsweetened Instafuel which I drink every morning. I also love the Hot Chocolate and Activate (a daily jumpstart). All are great to travel with!

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